May 25, 2007

Organic bees thriving, GM link to beepocalypse.

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Here’s an interesting twist to the bee saga. Apparently organic bees are in a better state than their non-organic sisters. Organic farmers blame pesticides used in the hives to fumigate for mites, antibiotics and transporting bees for pollination services as major stresses to the colonies and another possible reason that bees are disappearing.

But it might also be the case that organic bees don’t come into contact with GM crops. German scientists think that the massive decline of bee populations in the US is the result of the extensive use of GM crops. Test have shown that GM crop weakened bees’ intestines so that they become more vulnerable to parasites.

In some collapsed colonies in the US, the bees were found to have multiple infections and they suspect that GM crops are doing something to their immune systems. The hives are also possibly toxic. Usually when a colony collapses, a nearby colony raids it for honey and pollen stores. Now there’s something in there that’s repelling them.


May 3, 2007


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More missing bees. This time it’s in Taiwan — 10 million bees according to Taiwanese news reports.

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