March 25, 2007

mosquito saliva

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I’ve just read an article in the New Scientist that says repeated exposure to mosquito saliva can boost a person’s immunity to diseases like malaria and could be used in the development of a vaccine. This is really exciting considering that millions of people die from malaria every year. But what surprised me most was that mosquitoes actually have saliva.

After a quick google I found that mosquitoes use saliva when they’re biting their victim. They slash the skin and insert the proboscis in search of a tiny blood vessel. The proboscis contains two tubes — one that withdraws blood, and one that injects saliva. The saliva contains anti-coagulants to keep the blood flowing and pain-killers so that the victim doesn’t feel the bite.

So now what I want to see is a vampire story where the vampires have a mosquito-like proboscis. But along with the anti-coagulants and pain-killers what else would a vampire inject?


March 24, 2007

fill in the blank

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drinking + ____________ = bad idea

March 14, 2007

More dead birds

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They think they’ve found what’s killing the birds near Esperence — lead poisoning. They’re also worried that town’s water supplies have been contaminated with high levels of lead and nickle sulfide from the dust blowing back into town from loading lead carbonate at the local port. It’s ended up in rainwater tanks and the locals are worried. The resources boom ain’t all big houses and flashy cars.

March 4, 2007

I’m in bizarro land

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OK. So I’m sitting at home on a sunday night, medicating my long dark teatime of the soul with a glass of wine, watching TV and reading my rss feeds, when low and behold I feel like I’ve materialised in bizarro land.

First up, I’m watching Cool Aid on channel 10. It’s looking at Australians’ contribution to climate change and showing how ‘we can all do something’. There’s even green ads for green cars and green electricity. Fucksake, they’re interviewing Al Gore. Ooh — here’s a nice Gore soundbite, referring to solutions to climate change — we don’t need a silver bullet, we need silver buckshot.

Next, I’m reading the my Herald Sun feeds and I come across the number one story in National News and it’s Emissions a new Clean Up target and in the Breaking News Skinny models ban for Fashion Week.

Am I in Howard’s Australia? It’s freaking me out, but I’m just gonna close my eyes and believe. Mainstream Australia is coming on board and we’re going to change the world for the better. How ’bout that.

(I’m an optimist at heart)

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